Chiang Mai Temple Car

Anyone would be hard put to describe Thailand as a religious place: it has one of the most violent societies in Asia; although most tourists don’t know this, as the violence is Thai-on-Thai. For example, the government’s 3 month schedule in 2002 to eradicate the problem of amphetamine trafficking was a worthy cause; but it included the proviso that the governors of the provinces making the least drug arrests would be replaced.

The police and army run crime in Thailand. So they appreciated the opportunity to remove opponents. As a result, 3000 ‘addicts’ and ‘dealers’ were killed by police hit squads around the country in 3 months; a bullet in the back (‘suspects killed during arrest’) is how Thailand’s police have always traditionally avoided extra paperwork and over-crowded prisons.

Nevertheless, on the surface, Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second city, is a serene place, with more wats (temples) than any other place I’ve visited. It also has over 50 vegetarian restaurants, and I enjoyed living and working here for many years.

This is a temple car, used as a float in parades.


Chiang Mai, Thailand, February, 2002

~ by lovedubs on February 21, 2007.

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